Cash connection – empress riches

Hello all gamer friends, see you again in the discussion of new and unique games. Today we will discuss a game from Asia, namely Cash Connection Empress Riches. This game that has the characteristics of China has been able to attract the attention of gamers. This new game is a game developed by novomatic provider.

Even though it’s still relatively new, do you know that this cash connection empress riches game has been widely anticipated by many gamers. It’s crazy, it’s still new, but the queues are like ants hehehe…. This cash connection empress riches game is in the model of 5 reels and 3 rows, and for the payment value, 10 payment values ​​are also available.

Game hint

Amstkk – Seeing the beauty of China and the richness of Chinese culture, Novomatic tries to make a game that is a little different. Where all games will discuss exciting topics, this time novomatic will discuss a rich and honorable Chinese queen. We will meet the rich queen and win 3 jackpots and get the spin key to win.

To be able to win the game, you can start playing the cash connection empress riches game. If you want to know the value of the symbol, you can press the game info button. Game info will tell you the symbol values ​​and how to win the game. There are lots of pictures and some information that can be read as well as instructions for winning the game.

Game symbols

Here are some symbols that can be found in the game Cash Connection Empress Riches: the Chinese queen, the golden frog, the golden phoenix, the golden dragon, 3 gold coins, and remy cards from numbers 10 to aces. This game theme based on China has a refreshing audio sound that makes the hearts of gamers feel happy and excited.

5 signs of victory dragon //riches

Who is not happy and happy because when we get many victories the heart becomes happy. If you play the cash connection empress china game, it’s still less challenging, you can press the auto button. Auto is an automatic game button where the game will move on its own or rotate on its own.

Play games automatically

With the automatic button, gamers can sit back and don’t need to press the button again. As long as the game is still spinning, gamers don’t have to worry about the value, because during the rotation gamers will also get the game winning value. It’s just that the value that can be obtained automatically may be slightly different from the manual one.

When the game starts and gamers get 4 dragons with a photo of the queen in the middle, gamers will get a double value of 2x for each symbol. It’s fun not being able to get value directly from the cash connection empress china game. There are also black and white yin and yan symbols which will also give the game value and jackpot.

Win value

Get 6 symbols or more for the yin and yan image then the yin and yan will fill the game screen. The screen becomes full and the spin lock is active. With the spin lock active, the symbols will stop and those that spin to get the same symbol then explode so that gamers get the game win value. If you get 1 additional yin and yan logo, the number of symbols will return to normal. Collect 5 gold dragons of the same kind in a row horizontally will get the game win value.